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As the Zula owners stepped into an existing space, they sought to develop a sense of warmth that their menu centered on. Their food journey had been solidly rooted in Tel Aviv, and they wanted to bring the feeling of a distinctly Tel Aviv style restaurant to Portland. This meant refined and eclectic food, warm and casual hospitality, and a connection between the kitchen and diners.

Concept & Visual Identity

Zula is Israeli slang for a relaxed gathering, and we wanted to recreate just that. Our goal was to deliver a brand expressive of warm family get togethers and the energy of Tel Aviv. The brand’s design takes cues from vintage Israeli show posters, with bold funky wood type and colorful papers. Halftone photos celebrate the ingredients of mediterranean cooking. The brand is laid-back and low-key to let the food shine.

Interior Design

The restaurant previously felt overwhelming in size, so we developed a new seating plan for a cozier and grounded experience. We created a new opening to the kitchen that connected the diners to the hearth of the restaurant, and warmed up the room with a richer color story, patterned textiles, and vintage tchotchkes sourced by the clients themselves.