Each Other / Our Studio ︎

A little about us:

We opened up shop in 2019 with the mission of providing thoughtful and well-executed design for companies and organizations that we believe in. We’ve committed ourselves to staying a two-person team so we can be nimble and engage with projects on a broad spectrum of scope and budget.

Our Values
︎ Well-being above everything.
︎ Thoughtful work takes time.
︎ Empathy is at our core.
︎ A sense of humor is critical.

We’re very inspired by Jennifer Armbrust’s Feminine Economy. Check it out!

What We Can Help You With
Brand Strategy and Positioning
Brand Concepts
Visual Identity Systems
Website Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Interior Design
Floorplan Design
Don’t see it here? Just ask!

How We Choose Projects
We love to work with folks that have a positive impact on their community. Right now we’re most interested in taking on projects that promote sustainability and human rights, and working with companies or organizations that are headed up by members of traditionally marginalized communities. 
We Love Collaboration
Since we’re intentionally small-scale, that means we often collaborate with talented folks when a project calls for it. Here’s who we love to work with! 

︎︎︎ Katherine Garber, Interior Design
︎︎︎ Human Shapes, Web Development
︎︎︎ Jillian Barthold, Illustration
︎︎︎ Colby Brooks, Illustration and Design
︎︎︎ Anna Greer, Photography
︎︎︎ Lindsay Trapnell, Videography
︎︎︎ Caleb Coppock, Motion & Animation

Are you still reading this??
We appreciate your dedication to understanding who we are! Here’s a bit about our less professional sides:

︎ Elizabeth Brown spends much of her leisure time making everything more dramatic. She loves to host thematic dinner parties, dress up with friends, act very silly, and go on all sorts of adventures.

︎ Ellen Wilde is obsessed with learning about things like food history, or etymology, or the vast cultural phenomena of TikTok trends. She loves playing games with friends, making things with clay, talking to her dog, and walking around with her partner.