Super Secret Sipper Club


︎ Brand Strategy
︎ Brand Concept
︎ Naming
︎ Copywriting
︎ Identity Design
︎ Packaging Design

Straightaway’s Society for Discerning Sippers is a drink subscription service that offers more value to customers than just a routine product delivery.  Each parcel contains limited edition and yet-to-be-released cocktails, imbuing a sense of surprise and play in every delivery. We were brought on board to develop of concept that felt engaging, playful, and a bit mysterious.

︎ Eater, “Straightaway Cocktails is launching a cocktail club,” 2023


Irreverent fun is at the center of Straightaway’s personality, and we wanted to maintain this sense of play. What arose was the Super Secret Sipper Club. It draws inspiration from classic mystery narratives, and membership club experiences. It encourages members to become Straightaway sleuths, providing clues to upcoming drinks, and a Sipper Society pin—if you know you know.

Design and Packaging

Inspired by classic mystery novel covers, we created a brand that piques curiosity and invites members to play along. When Sippers sign up, they receive decoder coasters, a members-only pin, and clues to be unscrambled to uncover the forthcoming cocktails. Later, a shadowy box appears on their doorstep.  Inside are two mystery cocktails (with a flexible label system so Straightaway could easily create more.) The result is an intriguing and engaging sub-brand for Straightaway’s biggest fans.