Lolo Pass

A hostel-hotel hybrid built to spark connection.

Completed 2020

︎ Brand Strategy
︎ Identity Design
︎ Collateral & Signage
︎ Art Moments 

1. Discovery
The client approached us with an interior design strategy in place, but hadn’t yet unearthed a concept for the space. With two sociable hostel-lovers as the founders, we saw an opportunity to highlight moments of spontaneity and chance encounters that staying in a communal property provides.

2. Framework
The hostel acts as a catalyst to faciliate and encourage serendipitous experiences, and we sought to express this through the brand.
We landed on a concept that champions brief but impactful overlap between strangers.

3. Design
The visual identity illustrates different lenses of experience, highlighting the moment of convergence between them. It balances this metaphor with a voice that feels welcoming and candid—like a good friend. It’s approachable but offbeat, speaking to both the pragmatic and adventurous sides of a hostel.

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Photos coming soon!