LoRo Beaverton


︎ Brand Strategy
︎ Logo & Identity Design
︎ Collateral & Signage
︎ Interior Design Consulting
︎ Art Story Consulting

The Ranch Pizza team approached us with a new Coffee Shop Pizza Parlor hybrid idea. With the Ranch identity in place, it was our job to develop a brand for LoRo—a family friendly, energetic coffee shop in Beaverton.

︎ Ranch PDX Has Opened a Beaverton Location in the Old Town Neighborhood, Wilamette Week
︎ Beaverton Booming, Oregonian

Concept & Design

Like the sunrise, the day hasn’t officially started without coffee. A trip to the coffeeshop is a moment of brightness and joy, just like catching those first glimmers of light in the sky. We aimed to evoke this sunny feeling through the brand. Leaning on warm, vibrant sunrise colors and and friendly typography, we developed classy-yet-playful point-of-view for the brand, hinting at that “possibilities are endless” vibe of an early summer morning.

Interior Consulting

Our clients had a clear vision for the space, but needed a bit of technical help realizing it. Through material selections, finishes, lighting, and decor, we focused on developing a design that would express the sunny disposition of the brand.